While many Adult learners are digitally savvy, it would be a mistake to assume that all adult learners are familiar with newer technologies. Moreover, they tend to have different goals, motivations and challenges than the traditional student.

Qualities of adult learners to keep in mind include:

  • They are results driven
  • They are self-directed
  • They may be committed to one particular platform (Apple or Android)
  • They may not know common technology jargon
  • Lack of experience may lead to a fear of trying new things
  • They may not possess the most up-to-date system and software

Adult learners need tools that are easy to use, accessible on any platform and available on demand. They also need clear instructions, repetition, practice, and support.

The importance of adult educators implementing new digital technology on their teaching delivery cannot be stressed enough. The  of digital educational technology tools is that they are available to students whenever they need them, can be customized by the instructor, work on any device or platform, and engage the student through interactivity. Once adult learners get acquainted with the current technologies, they will begin to appreciate their ease and flexibility.