Discover Toolkit

You might know some of the tools in our Toolkit already such as Zoom. Zoom has become a key tool for adult educators in 2020 and is a great tool for facilitating online, distance and blended learning. Others tools such as Screencast-O-Matic or TedEd might be completely new to you but that’s ok. In our video reviews, we will explain their use in an adult education context and how you can get started using them.


Adults are self-directed learners and one of the best ways we as educators can empower them is to put the learning tools into their hands. Digital devices (laptops, smart phones and tablets) along with some of the digital education tools we have mentioned, can enable your adult learners to engage in immersive and participatory learning.


Most of these tools are free (or have a free version) and work perfectly on smartphones/ tablets – so are particularly useful to engage hard to reach and adult learners.

So give it a go… you will benefit from:

  • Learning about 20 intuitive powerful digital tools for engaging your adult learners
  • Understanding the potential of digital tools for adult education
  • Expert insights from adult educators already using these tools
  • Being motivated to incorporate some of these new tools into your teaching practice
  • Increasing your own digital teaching skills enormously


  1. FIND YOUR FIRST TOOL – we explain our toolkit navigation categories below
  2. WATCH OUR TOOL REVIEW VIDEO – once you find a tool that you are interested in, watch the review video to learn about how the tool can be used in an adult education setting
  3. FOLLOW THE LINK TO THE TOOL WEBSITE – and get started using the tool, equipped with the knowledge that you have chosen a really, useful powerful tool for delivering digital adult education


As educators ourselves, we understand and recognize that there is no one size fits all approach to teaching and learning. That’s why we have organised our 20 tools into three key categories making it really easy to find and learn about the best tool(s) for you.

Are you an adult educator who is new to digital teaching? You might find our Ease of Use categorisation particularly useful.

Maybe you are here to find a digital tool to make your lessons more visual and engaging for your adult learners? If yes, then our Learner Style categorisation could be more appropriate for you.

Or you could be looking for a tool to help with you with a particular teaching activity? If yes, then the Teaching Activity category might be a good starting point for you.

Click below to get started by choosing the tool category most suited to your teaching needs. You can then dive deeper by using the subcategories to find the tool you are looking for, learn about it by watching our DISCOVER explainer video.