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Adult participation in learning is held in high priority to EU policy making, it is a key objective of the EU 2020 education and training strategy. Participation is not evenly distributed across society; it is influenced by social class, employment status, age and prior learning. Low-qualified, low-skilled adults are underrepresented and difficult to integrate, experiencing

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Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends In Education

Educators from all grade-levels are coming to realize the benefits of technology in the classroom. Typically, education is one of the last industries to make extensive change, holding on to antiquated methods and practices. But through the digital transformation and the rise of educational technology, teachers have begun making drastic changes to their instruction, assessments,

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Upskilling a top priority in 2020

The need to upskill for the digital world is the need of the hour. It requires employers, educators, government administrators, and not-for-profit organizations to come together to develop plans to help people become more resilient, capable, and agile. A growing number of business leaders see the value of upskilling, but there’s much to be done.

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The changing classroom: tech and the learning space

Technology is increasingly determining the geography of the classroom; Simon Fry investigates how today's learning spaces got their shapes As learning continues its evolution from blackboards and books to screens and devices, so too the environment in which the student sits continues its metamorphosis. Across the UK and beyond, increased use of technology requires a

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The Adult Learner

While many Adult learners are digitally savvy, it would be a mistake to assume that all adult learners are familiar with newer technologies. Moreover, they tend to have different goals, motivations and challenges than the traditional student. Qualities of adult learners to keep in mind include: They are results driven They are self-directed They may

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Plans launched to boost digital skills for adults

Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Anne Milton unveils new qualifications based on rigorous national standards to give adults the digital skills they need. Free courses will be offered to thousands of people to help the 1 in 5 adults with no or low basic digital skills learn how to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Research

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