As many as 35 percent of students in college today are 25 or older. That translates to some 6.6 million students out of around 19 million in college currently, and their numbers are set to increase over the next several years. Many Adult learners pursue college education to upskill or to change careers and remain relevant in a society that is rapidly changing due to technology.

There’s more to being an adult student than just age. They also tend to have children or be working jobs while earning a degree; they may also have other responsibilities, such as elder care.

A big challenge for adult students with jobs and those supporting families is that they can’t always be on campus like traditional college students. Just like regular college students, adult students benefit from collaborative learning and active learning and need college support for that even off campus.

Therefore, the need is clear, the use of digital technologies and platforms that can allow adult learners to engage with the resources and materials outside of regular work hours, in order to suit their busy lifestyle.